Rocks and Minerals

Rocks & minerals
Rocks & minerals

SCIENCE (3-5) Rocks and Minerals by Steve Tomecek

ATOS 5.2 


Essential Question: What are rocks made of?  

Help K-5 students answer this essential question (and meet the Common Core State Standards) with the Teaching STEM lesson plans for this mentor text: Rocks and Minerals by Steve Tomecek.

Unit Summary: Students will examine the essential question, “What are rocks made of? They will listen to selected portions of the book and refer back to specific book sections to answer questions about the basic kinds of rock formation as a large group. They will then work collaboratively in groups to identify vocabulary and collect pertinent research information about their rock group. The groups will prepare a poster to convey the information and then exchange vocabulary definitions with the other groups. Groups will also present their poster information while the other groups take notes on a graphic organizer.


The Library Activity begins on p. 57. The Collaborative Teacher activity begins on p. 59.

1. Look up the Mohs hardness test. Then find a picture of each of the minerals listed on the scale. Prepare a document that includes a picture and description of each of the ten listed there. 2. Search for a guide online or in a book that helps you identify minerals. Find three rocks from your area and try to identify them. Start a class collection and work together to name the kinds of rocks you collect. 3. After reading the book, have the students write a short description of the main idea of the bookUse the phrase, “I am a scientist. I know that _________.”

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