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Teaching STEM and Common Core with Mentor Texts: Collaborative Lesson Plans K-5 by Anastasia Suen and Shirley Duke explains the basics of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and shows how librarians can become a key component in STEM education, guiding teachers and sparking interest though the books and technology inherent in their curriculum.

The volume offers 21 mentor texts, plus in-depth, collaborative lesson plans linked to the Common Core Standards for K–5 librarians. There are additional lessons for classroom teachers, as well as activities that can easily be done in the library or classroom.

Each lesson includes mentor text information, an overview of the lesson, step-by-step lesson plans, assessment options, and extension activities.

By implementing these lessons in the library, librarians will be able to cover multiple Common Core State Standards and science standards, and at the same time establish the library as a resource for teaching STEM subjects.

You can search the Teaching STEM Mentor Texts by topic:

You can search the Teaching STEM links from the book:

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